What is Rejuvitex

RejuviTex™ is a 14-14.5 oz. 100% polyester whipcord fabric made with Repreve® and is offered exclusively by DeMoulin Bros. and Co.

RejuviTex™ is Certified by the U Trust™ verification program and made from eco-friendly textile products, developed from sustainable fibers.

In comparison to virgin polyester, Repreve® reduces energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Repreve® reduces energy consumption by over 6%. Repreve® reduces water consumption by nearly 50%. Repreve® reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 34%.

To get the uniform design process started on your next set of marching band uniforms made from RejuviTex synthetic fabric with Repreve technology, contact your DeMoulin regional sales representative today!

Repreve is a trademark of Unifi, Inc. and is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and with others. U Trust and Fiberprint are trademarks of Unifi, Inc.

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